Monday, January 17, 2011

New Blog

Hey Ladies (and gents if there are any) I am moving ^_^ my new blog will be *drum roll please*

So if you're looking for me that's where I'll be ^_^ hope too see you there!

Monday, January 10, 2011

January Block Swap almost finished!

Ok so I've finally finished...well sort of. I've made my two January Blocks and I just have to sew them together! I'm waiting on some blue variegated thread my Mom is sending me...but it seems to have gotten lost between Christmas and the floods :S I hope it gets here soon!

That asside I'm super stoked that I have accomplished this. I made the pattern/design myself and put it all together! For my first quilting project on my own I think I've done well *YIPPEE*

This is the fist block i did and the prototype. I forgot that I had to made 2 so I pinned it all together and only cut one of everything.

So then the hard work began, unpinning, and labeling each shape so I knew what to put where.

I think the hardest part was cutting out the white wash a second time. But I did it and this is the result.

The right one is my sister Trystans and the right one is mine...but we'll see if they don't get mixed up before they get posted *shifty eyes* LOL.

So I will post again when I have manged to sew them together ^_^

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Postage Stamp Quilt Along

Ok so here is the deal...I'M IN MY FIRST QUILT ALONG!!!!!

p.s. i quilt is holding a quilt along and we will be making this a postage stamp quilt.

materials needed:

1 print jelly roll of your choice
1 bella solids jelly roll of your choice
3/4 yard binding
3 3/4 yards backing

This quilt along is being sponsered by the Fat Quater Shop so if you go over there and order your 2 jelly rolls you can get a 20% discount. They are also offering a voucher to three lucky quilt along participants (corsses fingers). So head over to p.s. i quilt for all the deets (sounds a lot cooler then details)!

I will be making my quilt as a gift so ya exciting!

Monday, January 3, 2011

January Block Swap

Just an update for all interested. The Block Swap in now not just beach but 'Water' in blues, greens and purples. So be creative people and let us know what inspires you about the liquidy goodness.

Also here is a sneak peak of my first block!

It's not the best picture but it's something! Let me know what you think...or what else I could add ^_^

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve doesn't always involve Ho Ho Ho...

p.s. i quilt

Ok so after a few challenges we are off on a new adventure!

Christmas is always a big ordeal for my family...and this year was no different. Well except for the myriad of new babies and all of us FINALLY being in the same country...OK so it was a little different.

   ...Pre-Eve Back Story...

Trystan my sister was the host of the hour setting up and organizing everyone so we all knew what to do, when to do it and most importantly what to bring. I was the lucky winner of the Trifle...which was great because it is supposedly easy to make. However, this master kitchen disaster had never made Trifle, and come to think of it I don't even like it.

Nevertheless, a trifle it was to be. So me being as organized as a hamster and left everything to the night before. Except of course for the jelly which was something I prepared earlier (pictures being on a cooking show). So I've gotten home late for work and had to make my own custard and finally with some help from Miranda finished and showed just in time to be in bed by 11.30 :S

   ...Eve Arrives...

So the day of the big event arrives, I kiss my sweet 6 month old princess goodbye and I'm off to work by 6.30. I'm now at work...well pretending to work while trying desperately to focus. But that's pretty pointless since all I can think about is parting with my family.

Work finally grinds to a halt...well end really and I catch the train home, get ready and am off to my sisters with my Trifle in toe! After 45 minutes of driving in the rain...(which is an event in itself considering this is Brisbane, Australia) I arrive at my sisters.

I don't often get to see my sister so we left the kids to the husbands and went down the back to talk about quilting. We often speak on the phone of wonderful ideas that often never come to fruition because of a 'lack of means'. BUT this could never dampen our spirits. 

'The Sisterhood' as we call it will as always conquer.

So while punch was being made, makeup was being applied and gossip was being swapped...I was watching Goofey's Christmas with the Kids and the men :D

Food was eaten, bonbons popped (with help from Kaleb my nephew who felt he need to be involved in each POP...hehehe), bad jokes swapped and crowns arranged in such a way as to not 'wreck' the hair. After which we called one of my other sisters who lives in Perth and couldn't be with us and prepared for the mayhem of Secret Santa. Wrapping paper few, children laughed we all had to yell to be heard, babies cried, tears were shed and after all of that we laughed and I marveled at the wonder that is my family. 

We then ate some more and eventually rolled ourselves out the door to go home and nurse our full I flopped into bed.

The moral of the story being, no matter how confusing, absurd and/or dysfunctional my family seems to be and believe you me that is a marvel in and of itself, I can't help but think how much I love them, however many allowances I give them and however many chances we they give me.

This story is proudly brought to you by Brie Henri, for p.s. i quilt and Fat Quarter Shop.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1st Christmas

Ok so this year will be my beautiful babies first exciting! So aside from the usual toys and all around general spoiling I decided to make a special outfit for her.

Which at the time seemed like a good idea...I soon found out just how hard it actually would be. I decided on a Pillowcase Dress which 'looks' easy HA. But thanks to some help from my wonderful mum and a few trial and error runs at making Bias Tape we did it!

The binding around the arrms was the hardest...only because I had to figure out how to make it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

January Block Swap

For all those interested there are only 2 people doing this sister Trystand and I. LOL. So Trystan choose the theme for January and has decided 'Beach' colours are blue and yellow, size 12x12 (finished), due date is Feb 1st.

If anyone else would like to get involved let me know!

Some examples are this quilt square from Fresh Lemons Quilts

This one from Three Crafty Ladies is beautiful...I don't think I will be doing anything like this but's is still an option.

If you need anymore ideas just goole Beach quilt blocks there are heaps of great ideas out there!